The Scouting Ireland dot Com website is no more....  

After many years - some of it quite active & more of it not so(!), we've decided to close the website.  Scouting Ireland dot Com was started at a time when there was no definitive Irish Scouting website.  (The full story would take a long long time to tell - and probably wouldn't be that interesting anyhow!!)

Happily, is now fulfilling the needs of anyone interested in Scouting in Ireland.  You will be forwarded to that site in a few seconds.  Please note that the domain will stay in existence and any email addresses etc from the domain will stay live & very much in use!!  Finally, a very sincere thank you to anyone who over the years contributed to and helped with the site.

Please update any links with the new site.

If your Web browser doesn't support forwarding, please click Here.